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Kentika v 2.0: Migration special offer



Version 2.0 of Kentika operates on the 4D V12 platform which includes a SQL server, a php interpreter and offers very significant performance gains. In addition, this version is certified for Windows Server 2008 platforms and Windows 7, and Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion".


Many new functions allow you a more precise operation of the software.


Full Web integration in Kentika PRO V2 allows managers to use a web browser to manage the database data entry process: new entries, modification or validation of existing records, and also perform specific tasks like database settings and to-day management, as specific comments moderation or serials reception.

WEB server license for consultation and management is unlimited in number of users.


PDF Review module can automatically generate information products, such as press review: acquisition,  web portal diffusion or sending it as a newsletter.

This module can directly drive a SCANNER from the application. The document can be dematerialized and re-worked (cutting, prototyping or collage on one page) via a storyboard integrated Kentika. All pages thus generated can be directly integrated into a single PDF document and the contents page is constructed automatically.

This simplicity allows you to create with a single tool a press review without complex manipulations or computer skills.

For more information and to discover in depth: Visit (website available only in french)

Since it is a new version (and not an update), this version is not included in the terms of current maintenance contracts.


Special Promotion: Get a customized quote at a promotional rate now *1.

Contact us for your personalized quote!


*: Valid for orders placed before 06/30/2013, New installations or conversions of existing databases. Kentika V2 migration necessarily involves conversion of the web interface, currently customized or not. In the case of custom interfaces, various migration scenarios will be presented.

1: Databases that are currently hosted by our Web diffusion service : The quote also includes the migration of the hosted application. All other terms of your hosting contract remain valid under the same conditions.