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Kentika : IP addresses filter update (2013/01)


Boisvert Martin (Mr.)


The IP address filter allows Kentika web server not being continually slowed down by crawlers, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.


This filter is continuously updated.


You notice a significant slowdown on your Kentika web server?

You will first need to analyze your web logs (or made it been analyzed).

Then, compare suspicious address(es) with your current filter.


Here are some analytical tools that can be used: - IP Tracer and IP Locator Allows geographically locate the source of an address To check if a robot has been detected for an IP address adresse IP

Bots vs Browsers To check the "user-agent" detected for an IP address


* Note that a detailed analysis of a log file can take more than one day



Submit address(es) to add / analyse


You can submit an address or a log file for analysis using our Contacts or directly by email.


** Note that analysis requests from customers whose database is not hosted by our services can be subject to cost analysis. If this is the case, we will notify you before processing.



Update Your IP Filter and / or your "robots.txt" file

Download and unzip the appropriate ZIP file for your version of Kentika

 - Kentika v1.x ""

 - Kentika v2.x ""

The ZIP file contains 2 TXT files

 - Param_W_FI: IP Filter

 - Ress_robots: "robots.txt" Resource

Import the appropriate(s) file(s) via the standard Import Kentika format files by right-clicking on the "Create" and "Cancel and Replace" buttons.


IP Filter: Kentika service on your server will need to be restarted later.