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BookWhere is the most comprehensive and user friendly copy cataloging tool available for building and maintaining your library catalog. With the largest selection of accessible library databases in the world, BookWhere can easily locate the quality MARC cataloging records you need.


Solid, economic investment

There really are very few products that show a solid return on investment within a matter of mere hours. BookWhere does. One library that had several thousand books in backlog used BookWhere enhanced batch search service and quickly found 975 of the 1000 titles and were able to download them immediately into their catalogue. If they had continued with their previous cataloguing methods, those books may have been left in the backroom for months; but with BookWhere they were in the OPAC in under an hour.


High hit rate

If the time you spend doing cataloguing through time-consuming methods adds up to just one day in a year, that single day will pay for BookWhere. We have heard from all types of libraries from around the world that the hit rate they experience with BookWhere exceeds their expectations. Several libraries report over 97% hit rates. With this type of evidence, wouldn't you rather use BookWhere?


Largest shared network of libraries in the world

BookWhere accesses the largest real-time shared network of libraries in the world (more than 2800). This vast network facilitates research, resource-sharing, and copy cataloguing. And you don't have to maintain the connections to these libraries ­ that's part of what BookWhere does.


Batch Searching

BookWhere supports batch searching ­ load up 50 ISBNs and launch a search against one or multiple databases. By the time you're back from a quick coffee break, you'll have results.


Record Rating and Analyzing

Bookwhere's rating and scoring system helps you pinpoint quickly the most complete records. This flexible and user-defined analysis tool, helps you sort through record results based on media type, language, series title, or even subject.


Standard record exports and direct Send To

Whether you require your records in MARC format, XML or text, BookWhere supports a variety of export formats as well as a direct SendTo for specific ILS customers.


See a demo of BookWhere