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Change the encoding format of emails attachments sent by Kentika

Boisvert Martin (Mr.)


According to the messaging system used by your rentreprise , it may be necessary to change the encoding format of attachments from emails sent by Kentika.


The default format is "BinHex" .


Normally, "Base64" is a suitable format for most systems .


To change this setting :

* You normally must have "Settings - All " (or higher) permission to perform this operation.


Go to File > Treatments >"C" tab > Settings management.

Check the box at the bottom of the screen, enter your password, and click the "Continue" button.

Enter code "M_A1" then click in another area, or press the "" key. (1)

If the code does not exist, the message " M_A1 is an unknown code" will appear. Continue.

The title is optional.

Enter the desired value in the "value" box . To use the "Base64" format (recommended) , enter "2". (2)

Confirm with the "green Hook " button. (3)

Exit Settings management by clicking the exit button located at the bottom left corner. (4)



Possible codes :


0 = No encoding (sends only the DataFork)

1 = BinHex (* Default)

2 = Base64 (sends only the DataFork)

3 = AppleSingle

4 = AppleDouble

5 = AppleSingle AND Base64

6 = AppleDouble AND Base64

7 = UUEncode